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Sometimes very active discussions about peripheral issues overwhelm a thread, so this is a permanent home for those conversations.

I’ve opened a new “Sandbox” thread as a post as the new “ignore commenter” plug-in only works on threads started as posts.


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  1. dazz: Those are two lucky puppies! Lovely

    Caught in a rare moment of obedience, heavily influenced by the doggie treats in the other hand not in frame.

    What breed though? Anyone can answer!

  2. DNA_Jock:
    Alan Fox, Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon?

    I thought you were winding me up until I googled to find there is indeed such a breed! 🙂 No but I can see the similarity.

  3. petrushka:
    Pfizer says their vaccine is 90 percent effective.

    I wonder if it will cause autism.

    I have seen more than one autist insisting that the condition really isn’t that bad! They find it quite offensive when people suggest their lives are of diminished quality – that’s not how they see it!

    Even if it did (which it doesn’t), a handful of cases could well be worth a reduction in deaths.

  4. Alan Fox:

    My sister-in-law had a black Labrador …

    Just been to the crest of the Pennines to Checkpoint-Charlie ours (don’t tell the fuzz; it was not a cast-iron ‘essential journey’ of 80 miles!). Our daughters had spent the week together and ‘borrowed’ the dog (strictly speaking, it’s #2 daughter’s anyway, but she can’t have pets at her flat).

  5. Allan Miller,

    That is a contented dog.

    All right, I was going to make the challenge last but in the face of all the clamour to reveal…

    The breed is Labrit. The next question was going to be what makes these two a bit unusual. There are two strains of Labrit, long-haired and short-haired. These pups are daughters to a short-haired with a long-haired father.


  6. Alan Fox,

    You just agreed that Chinese is a nationality, and now you are claiming it is an ethnicity.

    What’s the ethnicity of people who look Swiss?

  7. phoodoo: You just agreed that Chinese is a nationality, and now you are claiming it is an ethnicity.

    I think it’s both. Nationalities are a legal concept. Ethnicity is ancestry. You can gain Chinese nationality. If you are Tibetan, maybe you didn’t exactly choose. You can’t avoid your parentage, your ethnicity.

  8. Alan Fox,

    What makes someone ethnically Chinese? The Chinese themselves consider the country to have at least 55 different ethnic groups. You probably meant Han, but even claiming this is problematic.

    What ethnicity are people from Switzerland? All of these claims of ethnicity and species are as dubious as the concept of dog breeds.

  9. phoodoo: All of these claims of ethnicity and species are as dubious as the concept of dog breeds.

    And yet at the same time sufficient to identify those who need re-education and their organs stolen.

  10. phoodoo: Now what about people from Switzerland, what ethnicity are they?

    Why, running out of organs to steal are we, looking for a new supply?

  11. phoodoo: What ethnicity are people from Switzerland?

    I understand the earliest peoples living in the part of Europe now known as Switzerland were celtic, though what constitutes celts tends to be decided by the language grouping. On the other hand, seems reasonable to me to infer that people who lived together and shared a language also shared genes. The major ethnic group now in Switzerland is German, followed by French and Italian.

  12. phoodoo: Then pray tell why are you saying Chinese is both a nationality and an ethnicity??

    Because the People’s Republic of China is a country whose citizens are referred to (in English) as Chinese. But Chinese people can live elsewhere and take their culture with them. There are many Chinatowns in cities where Chinese migrants have settled.

    I wish you’d get to whatever point you are trying to make.

  13. If the point is that Chinese is an umbrella or blanket term that misses the detail, sure, that can apply to many other descriptions of ethnic groups or politico-geographical areas. “Indian” as a description for people of the Indian sub-continent is both entirely accurate and rather vague.

  14. I arrived in the Languedoc in 2002 and took a photo in mid October showing snow on the Pyrenees. Took one this morning showing first (significant) snow this year. Climate change? I report, you decide.


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