Moderation Issues (2)

cropped-adelie-penguin-antarctica_89655_990x7421.jpgAs the replacement Moderation page has developed the old bug so that permalinks no longer navigate to the appropriate comment, so here is yet another page for continuing discussion on moderating issues. The Rules can be found there so anyone with an issue should check that they are familiar with them.

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  1. DNA_Jock:

    A good ref will make up new Laws in order to preserve their spirit.

    You keep repeating that point, yet you can’t answer the obvious follow-up questions:

    Well, you might want to support your characterization with an actual argument. When Alan prevented me from posting in the Moderation Issues thread, how was that “in the spirit” of the rules and of Lizzie’s aims for TSZ?

    And if Neil’s “timeout” rule, Alan’s Wine Cellar rule, and Alan’s interference with the Moderation Issues thread were all “in the spirit” of the rules and of Lizzie’s intentions, why do you suppose she nixed all of them?

    This hasn’t been a good subthread for you. Instead of thinking things through, you reacted impulsively, taking a position that you are now unable to defend. As your position crumbled, you made false accusations of quotemining. You’ve been unwilling to acknowledge your mistakes.

    In short, your behavior looks a lot like the behavior you are trying, but failing, to justify — which perhaps explains your eagerness to justify it.

    Your hypocritical citation of Matthew 7:20 is just the icing on the cake.

  2. The evidence doesn’t support your version, which is why you won’t answer my questions.

  3. Alan Fox: Glad to see you’ve posted comments about moderation issues in the moderation issues thread.

    I have posted many comments about moderation in the moderation issues thread. So many that people complain about it.

    But you must have missed this one:

    Let’s turn this thread into yet another thread on moderation at UD!

  4. Ugh. Noyau and Guano are being afflicted by some form of the page number bug again. Links in the “Recent Comments” section of the sidebar have the wrong page numbers when referring to comments in those threads.

    For example, Rich’s latest Noyau comment is actually here…

    Noyau (1)

    …but the Recent Comments link points to page 50:

    Noyau (1)

    ETA: This thread has the same problem.

  5. There’s a new page for the moderation issues thread here.

    As there don’t seem to be any outstanding items I’ll close comments on this page.

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