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  1. dazz: Congrats

    Thanks. Hope you are well. It’s kind of scary here in the USA with the Wuhan virus invading us.

  2. Alan:

    Might help in limiting trolling opportunities if you could refrain from referring to it as such.

    Alrighty, I won’t call it the Wuhan virus. How about:

  3. I think its hilarious. the same crowd who brought us global warming and evolution and all recent wars are doing it again. Don’t obey lockdown unless they are watching. This is a minor flu , not a epidemic, and will pass without much damage relative to other flues and population. There is only a potential minor epidemic that would bother the weker, older/sick, people. Its always been a humbug about its easy catchyness. Having millions of people, with no virus, avoiding millions of others with no virus is stupid. In fact I understand China, as far as they are trustworthy and competent, already are saying the virus is dying out there very quickly. It was poor sampling to look at cruise ships or vaction areas in europe. It shows how people don’t think things through and believe everything they are told in a establishment. It was always a issue of rates. Rate of increase relative to pop. Its sad for those who died/suffered however even the forgotten hongh kong flu in the 60’s was more of a problem.
    Origin thinkers should be smarter. If the numbers remain small will they say they were dumb wrong or Whew out tactics stopped it?!
    Maybe this will start a revolution of slepticism about authority conclusions.

  4. phoodoo: I also will no longer contribute any science discussion here whatsoever, because of the actions of the moderators here.

    When have you ever contributed to any science discussion here? All you do is troll your usual Creationist idiocy. And whine. I will give you that: you’re second to none when it comes to being a butthurt snowflake.

  5. Joe Felsenstein:
    I am used to hearing nonsense from Byers, but this is lethal nonsense.Robert, I hope you’re not in one of the vulnerable categories (as I am), and I hope you don’t visit anyone who is.Fortunately, there is one comfort: Nobody follows your lead.

    As for our beloved President, sadly there are many people who take seriously what he says, and there are whole news networks who amplify his words.

    Wait a minute. I’m like your president? Well I’m sure his info is good.
    Your the math guy! The rate of increase was always trivial. Ny what I have read about Chins they only have 14,000 cases now. think about it. that means the great number did not lead to a great, greater, number. Most recovered in the last month and so there is a great decline so much its America/europe who have more active cases.
    I predict what happened, if accurate from china stas, will happen in Americva/europe, hopefully too, and no one on TSZ wil know anyone who gets this. ( I almost would say knowing anyone tested but play it consrvative)
    Why am i wrong? Does the creationist have to fix everything??
    By the way its not being over 60 years but that , on a curve, usually those over that are weak in recovery from flues. Flues kill many elderly people though they say its old age. If anyone is normal vigorous, i’m sure you, then even if you got it, very unlikely, you would recover as fast as a teenager which would be fast. Don’t get it and I promise you will not! I guess we should all make predictions for numbers in say about June. I think america will be under 100,000 and probably under 75,000, very possible under 50,000. uOtherwise the criticism against Trump should be WHY is america not doing as well as China?(all this is based on stats from China and North americas slow increase.
    No more nonesecence here then anything i write or show me why with math figures.

  6. Allan Miller:
    Robert Byers,

    Like pastors and right-wing pundits? We can but hope.

    Everyone but especially a left wing establishment whose time has passed.
    This might do it but they will say WE ONLY SAID POTENTIAL. We stoped the increase by our coverage etc etc etc.

  7. Alan Fox: I agree and the comment is no longer visible. Admins will need to discuss what follows.

    why? Even if wrong why would this be censored? Let it be a reflection on this creationist! I predict this will not be a epidemic, relative to hugh populations and I disagree with the term when its small numbers relative sorry WHO.
    I gave my reasons and stand by them. I don’t oppose social distacing but think its dumb. Millions of people ado not need to distance from millions of others. yet still to stop the trivial increae it would be right but so would it for the common cold.
    Lets give it two months if the stats on china are not persuasive.

  8. J-Mac: I agree!

    Even if I was wrong it would not change the world and so censorship is absurd. Do you have credibility by the way? Hmmm

  9. PeterP: DNA_Jock: Are you referring to ACE2?

    He should be but is too ignorant of the mechanism of coronavirus injury and incorporation into the cells of the respiratory tract to do so. He evidently did not understand my previous posts outlining this established pathway. Again no surprise considering the source.

    Now I know you are a farmer…and you didn’t read my post and the article I linked…

    BTW: Make sure you use organic manure as you should have sufficient supply now from within…🤣.

  10. DNA_Jock: You may be rather slow on the uptake, but you can get there eventually, it seems.

    It sucks, doesn’t it, when the admin/moderators themselves don’t give a shit about the alleged rules.

    Now, pay attention: back when you were still wittering on ignorantly about statins…

    See above comment.

    What a stupid thing to write!

    See above comment.

    Even the esteemed DNA_Jock, morally superior to us all, cannot resist pounding his chest and declaring how stupid, ignorant, and slow on the uptake other commenters are.

    You make Trump proud D_J!

  11. Alan Fox: Usual rules apply plus a guideline. Let’s be kind and supportive to each other

    Telling the truth is being kind and supportive. Btw, I see a lot of vile comments on this thread. Sorry to see you’re not enforcing your own rules and guidelines.

  12. Alan Fox: Fair warning. You are straying into moderation issues. You know the drill.

    No I am not, you are making that up. I am talking about fun jewish jokes.

  13. I am talking about fun jewish jokes. I can’t make it any clearer that I am NOT talking about the word that scares you so much.


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