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  1. Entropy:

    You’re asking a guy who thinks that the moon and a virus are indistinguishable from each other.

    Are you questioning his intellect?

  2. Alan Fox: I don’t think anyone here considers what Corneel writes equivalent to what you write. 😅

    You’re illogically jumping from genetics to “evolution”. I’m not.

    You’re persistent in your wrongness, aren’t you? Genetics is the beating heart of evolutionary biology.

    Are you questioning his intelligence?

  3. Alan Fox: I’m still struggling to see the particular connection between me getting a vaccination and “an Israeli soldier taking potshots at Palestinian toddlers!”

    Because you are dumb. Very dumb. Not that this is an insult. Some people may take it as a compliment. But that’s why.

  4. Corneel,

    That’s your explanation?

    Let me ask you a serious question. Are you as much of a scumbag as Jock? Because Jock knows full well he is wrong, but his ego is so pathetic that he will say virtually anything to avoid admitting it. He just can’t do it. So he is making shit up over and over. I have proven he is wrong. I have shown you the quotes. His own graph-as fake as it is-shows he is wrong. But in life he doesn’t care about how he deals with people. He is probably the same in his work. Protecting his ego comes before anything-so he just can’t stomach being honest. He is profoundly wrong. Exactly what I said is true is true. He has been weaseling since day one. You just aren’t sharp enough to notice.

    So are you the same as Jock? I have shown you the wikipedia page that shows he is wrong (and when I wrote this post I didn’t even know a wikipedia page existed. But I still knew I was right. I just got lucky that Wikipedia confirmed it for me? That’s your contention?). I have shown you in the video where the person in the video says he is wrong! Oh, but, but, but, he can make graphs. Wow! Aren’t you impressed?

    So, are you the same character as Jock?

  5. Corneel,

    So just so you know how wrong you are, and what a gutless person Jock is, let me just remind you how and why he is wrong. If we were to believe Jocks little fake graphs, I should be able to turn the rubber band into a loop right? An Ant starts at the north pole of this loop (it doesn’t need to be a sphere, a loop will do just fine). What Jock is claiming is that no matter the expansion, as long as the ant keeps walking in one direction he can always make it back to the other end of the circle. Now put that in your mind. Think that over, and then tell me if you believe this? Because if you think this over, and you STILL don’t get it-maybe its not that you are the same scumbag as Jock-maybe you just don’t get it. THIS is why the paradox relies on securing one end, and stretching the ant “forward” on the other.

    Still lost Corneel? Or is it an ego thing?

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