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1,153 thoughts on “Guano

  1. “I’ll let your comments stand”

    Wow, how generous you are, Alan, in your defense of atheism.

    Such comments as this, “God, how I hate these dirty little theist ‘scholars’,” of course, are just seen as ‘friendly’ in your ‘moderator’s’ ethic. Why guano a comment like this? Is it simply 3 points, not enough to penalise?

    Despairing, quasi-happy atheist grandmas like hotshoe should be regularly guano’d; no, they should be celebrated at TA/SZ as ‘inspiring’ gurus.

  2. Erik:

    hotshoe_: Not that Eric will have the spine to either retract or apologize for his mistreatment of KN.

    He was pretty enthusiastic about the challenge at first, but soon turned for no reason and began to whine about it. I am not expecting an apology.

    Spineless, Erik, spineless.

  3. “Spineless, Erik, spineless.”

    That’s a ‘good faith’ statement at TA/SZ, of course! 😉

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