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  1. Gregory,

    This thread raises a moral question re: saving a baby or frozen embryos. Nevertheless, the fact that “rude, mean, insulting” communication is not only condoned, but actually called “very pretty” (a “tripping balls” acid-taking theory of ‘design’) is rather damning. TSZ is certainly far from the ‘moral high road’ compared with UD, a site I criticise as strongly and directly as anyone at TSZ.

    Despite hotshoe_’s self-identification as “rude, mean, and insulting”, I saw none of that in the comment you are referencing. Here it is again, for your convenience:

    Hint: you CAN’T prove it, Mung. It only takes one black swan to disprove a claim that “every swan is white”.

    Sorry, kiddo, I’m at least one black swan, whom you know personally (for an internet value of “personally”).

    I only think the natural world looks “designed” when I’m tripping balls.

    I do think that acid tells a kind of truth, but when acid tells me that every leaf is an individually designed jewel of green perfection … I can pretty much be sure that’s the opposite of reality.

    In reality, I think that the natural world is messy, ad hoc, ill-fitting, scabrous, greedy, exploitative, and evolved. Sure, I also think it’s beautiful and wonderful (we do have hummingbirds, after all) but that’s orthogonal to thinking it’s “designed”. Never, as a little kid chasing dragonflies, did I ever think that it was “designed” — or “planned” or any other synonym for “designed”. And as soon as I was old enough to understand the basic biology, I knew that the theory of evolution was correct in the overall picture of how the magnificent oak grows the way it does while the wild roses grow the way they do.

    Getting into college level inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and molecular biology, there has never been any need to postulate a designing agent that said to itself “I’ll just stick these two things together; they’ll work better that way”. I see molecules. I don’t see “design”.

    Sorry, your “objective fact” is neither.

    Rather than spewing invective, how about explaining, with reference to specific quotes, what you find objectionable about this arguably pretty post?

  2. If we’re really going to have a conversation about varieties of ‘design/Design’, patrick, that’s best for another more concentrated thread. As for an even playing field of communication (since you have repeatedly shown yourself as an anti-religious atheist too), first tell what you interpret as “spewing invective” in my comment:

    Right now, this place feels very, very unfriendly; it feels like a loud, angry, mean, rude, insulting (and rather PROUD of it!) den of anti-religious atheists (not mere ‘skeptics’) ready to chomp at any hint of (natural) theology.

    “the natural world looks ‘designed’ [only] when I’m tripping balls.”

  3. Gregory: Right now, this place feels very, very unfriendly; it feels like a loud, angry, mean, rude, insulting (and rather PROUD of it!) den of anti-religious atheists (not mere ‘skeptics’) ready to chomp at any hint of (natural) theology.

    “the natural world looks ‘designed’ [only] when I’m tripping balls.”

    Oh for Maude’s sake, Gregory, if you continue to have problems with my comment, either take them back to the Natural Religion thread where I said that, or take it to Noyau.

    Or even start a new thread. I’d be happy to talk about mind-expanding drugs for a while.

    You are capable of participating in a responsible way. That is, I think you are. You could prove that you are.

    If you aren’t, then at least don’t derail this specific thread about baby-saving morals with your endless horrified fascination with me.

  4. Whatever one thinks about the ethics of abortion, I find it extraordinary that anyone can compare the moral issues raised with the issue of whether one finds a piece of writing “pretty”, I did think it was a rather lovely post, and the one following it too. Is Gregory shocked because someone said balls?

  5. “Is Gregory shocked because someone said balls?”

    Lol! 😉 :) Your views of ‘design’ are filtered through apostasy, Lizzie. Canadians laugh rather well compared with stiff, haughty USAmericans, thank you very much. 😉

    ‘Tripping balls’ and doing ‘acid’ may set a standard of ‘pretty’ for you, Lizzie. But most people would disagree (not having done acid and rejecting the desire). I’m simply surprised at how far you will go to defend atheism against theism to ignore the beauty and ‘pretty’ in a theistic worldview. You must have been really badly damaged mentally (cognitively) by reading Dennett’s “Freedom Evolves” to have leapt from religious faith in your 50s into such a chaos of aesthetics, politics, ethics, metaphysics and even ontology as ‘skepticism’ provides you now.

  6. So, I responded to Lizzie and then got blamed by her for it. This is a moderation joke!

    “Is Gregory shocked because someone said balls?”- Lizzie (this thread)

    Lizzie gets to derail, but others can’t? Resist the urge. And don’t rub it in as a Moderator after you’ve guano’d yourself as if you were not an instigator.

  7. Alan Fox,

    For goodness sake, Alan, then it’s about time you get this “shitted up” moronic USAmerican bitch off me.

  8. “I say, for example, that a given pattern of fitnesses “selects for” a particular allele? / Is that the kind of ‘agency’ you mean?”

    No, ‘patterns’ are not AGENTS.

    (A moderator at TAZ is now acting as an AGENT to protect walto from his ‘shitted up’ comment)

  9. These recent days, Alan, you should just send to noyau or guano immediately anything ‘walto’ writes about or addressed to me because he is a diabolical ‘man on a mission’ to oppose anything and everything I say. He is a depraved atheist bureaucrat who happens to teach philosophistry. Iow, he is mad.

    My fair and clear question to Joe remains.

  10. walto,

    Angry, angry condescending walto. Not a teacher. Just a bureaucrat angry atheist. (But hey, why not keep his posts, TAZ moderators and guano mine? They will support atheists and NEVER caution them.)

    “Somehow, I’ve managed to avoid getting thrown out of the house.”

    Yeah, they’re gullible because you’re an atheist – it’s preferential treatment at TAZ.

  11. Just a well meaning request to people who tell me or other nonbelievers what we really think or believe:

    Please eff yourself with broken glass.

    I talk about what i think and believe. I do my best to refrain from psychoanalyzing other posters. I may think they are wrong or silly or even stupid, and I may say so, but I do not tell them what they really think.

    If I do want to know what someone thinks, I ask.

  12. Hey hotshoe

    I love you to. You are kinda cute when you talk dirty. 😉

    Do you kiss Darwin with that mouth?


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