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  1. I get the same error message if I try to upload a file directly from my device. I can load existing media files into a post but I cannot upload new files to the media library. I suspect this issue needs input from the webhost. Maybe the particular database section storing media is full.

    I could try contacting Lizzie.

  2. I wonder if this is a canary-in-the-coalmine moment. We’re still stuck with an outdated PHP version and the site is also consistently slow to load.

  3. Yup. Pretty sure this is a database capacity issue. There is a whole pile of duplicate and multiple media files but I’m dubious that deleting some would fix it.

    Incidentally, I’m also unable to action the latest offered update (it’s only on languages – does anyone use the option to choose another language?) which is also related to database capacity.

  4. Forgot I can look at database files via file manager. The language files eat an enormous amount of space.

  5. A workaround would be upload a file to some media-sharing outfit (is Photobucket still going?) and post a link.

  6. It’s no big deal. It was just an image of a fuel gauge. I’ll wait until uploads are fixed.

  7. Mods,

    In the Pending queue, there’s s comment from Hugh Farey in response to Vincent’s Shroud of Turin OP.

  8. For Colewd and anyone else unsure how to create a link to an URL.

    To create a link to a URL, you use greater-than and less-than symbols to enclose the HTML instructions. I’ll use round brackets in the example, open bracket means greater-than arrow (points left) and close bracket means less-than arrow (points right).

    So, go to the site and page you want to link to and copy the address. Open the comment box and (at the point you wish the link to appear) type:

    (a href=”

    Then paste the link immediately after the ”

    (a href=”

    Then add another ” and )

    (a href=””)

    Then add some explanatory text, be brief and informative

    (a href=”https”)link to example

    Then follow with (/a)

    (a href=”https”)link to example(/a)

    Use greater and less than instead of brackets and all should be well.

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