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  1. There are alternatives, you know. Simply don’t respond to stupid posts.

  2. walto: Haha. Too bad.

    There are two active threads here at present. Both the height of ridiculousness.*I mean, really. I guess it’s all done here. And I don’t think it is actually plausible to blame the moderators. They aren’t writing this nonsense. Cuckoos want attention and this is a place they can (or could) get it. It used to provide other things too, but it doesn’t anymore, I guess. Anyhow, as the current writers probably don’t just want to amuse each other/themselves, my guess is that they’ll be gone too, shortly. For example, J-Mac seems to be out looking for greener (i.e., saner) pastures. Why give sermons that will be heard only by other crackpots?

    *Sadly, “ridiculousness” is also taken.

    At least DNA_Jock is here. Jock is the lone scientist here, as far as I know. John Harshman and Joe Felsenstein (a National Academy Member, as in ELITE) have moved on.

    VJ Torley is professional scholar in his field, so are you and KN. But we all can’t participate much in each other’s discussion since we’re specialized in different places.

    If you leave, Walto, you’ll be missed, but it was fun while it lasted.

    I certainly got a lot out participating here, but that’s because I really wasn’t using TSZ to advocate my views as much as to get editorial review of my publications and presentations, which, btw got good reception — for example some of what I discussed here at TSZ made it’s way to a peer-reviewed journal.

  3. Thanks, Sal.

    IMHO, there are at least a dozen people who post or have posted here recently that know a TON of stuff about various sciences and other scholarly disciplines. Not only the people you mentioned. I’ve learned a lot from many of them. (And I don’t just mean the atheists.) And that I haven’t learned more has been my own fault. Much of the material has simply been over my head. But it was inspiring to see it here and pick up a few nuggets anyhow. It was a place one could (almost) be proud to participate in.

    Anyhow, I have no particular interest in ditching: I’m too lazy and set in my ways to try to get to know the main players at another board. I’d just like to see an improvement in the content here. ‘Pure Thinking as the Road to Freedom’ and ‘Biblical Proofs via Numerology’ are not really winning OPs from my point of view. I mean, who the hell is going to participate here with that kind of crap on the front page? What kind of readership are we going for?

    I know that, rather than whine, I could be putting up my own stuff (IF I THINK THAT’S SO GREAT! HAH!). But I never posted very many OPs here. A couple times a year is about as much as I can muster. There’s other stuff to work on.

  4. Mods,

    I have another OP languishing pointlessly in the pending queue.

    The OP contains a duplicate paragraph. It would have been fixed and published long before now if the moderators hadn’t abused their privileges by changing my status from Author to Contributor.

  5. walto: . For example, J-Mac seems to be out looking for greener (i.e., saner) pastures. Why give sermons that will be heard only by other crackpots?

    Saner pastures? Where would that be?
    Both materialist and DI view me probably as an enemy…

    Have you followed the exchange between ID and the rest regarding the “fast evolution of the polar bears” at Evolution News and Peaceful Science?

    If you have, you’d notice that “the fast evolution of the polar bears” is at the very least controversial or problematic…
    However, it is in the best interests of both sides at issue to pretend that the polar bears have evolved even if the “beneficial mutations” are rare and every other polar bear has them… How do the bears without the much needed mutations cope with high fat, high cholesterol diet? Remember my cholesterol OPs? 😉

    Recently, I have been researching the quantum vital spark in life systems…
    Do you think TSZ is a good place to start a discussion on the theme like that?

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