Noyau (2)

…the noyau, an animal society held together by mutual animosity rather than co-operation

Robert Ardrey, The Territorial Imperative.

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  1. SJW crybaby gets a whuppin’ at the hands of a liberal free thinking atheist:

    Sparks flew at the 2017 MythCon conference on Saturday when British YouTuber and cultural critic Carl Benjamin, aka Sargon of Akkad, exchanged verbal blows and jabs with his interviewer, Thomas Smith, an atheist and skeptic podcast host. The heated exchange on intersectional feminism, social justice activism and Black Lives Matter was marred by insults which frequently bled into Smith yelling at the audience. The tumultuous debate culminated in Smith storming off the stage after repeatedly accusing Sargon of holding misogynistic and racist views. Tensions continued to mount even after the conference, resulting in security removing angry attendees from the venue.

    “Atheism plus” meets “atheism minus”

    Held at the Pabst Theatre in downtown Milwaukee and organized by Mythicist Milwaukee, a secular and free inquiry group, the conference was surrounded in controversy weeks leading up to the event. Activists and feminists on social media took issue with the speaker lineup bringing to the forefront the growing chasm in the secular community between social justice humanism, sometimes branded as “atheism plus,” and a more libertarian or classical liberal skepticism. The event featured several atheist speakers of the latter-kind, including feminism critic Sargon and fellow video bloggers Gregory Fluhrer aka Armoured Skeptic and June Lapine aka Shoe0nHead.

    Dan Arel, a social justice activist and atheist writer called the event a “neo-Nazi conference.”

    Mike Gene’s take:

    Social justice atheists are truly a one trick pony. Their sole method of attack revolves around the ad hominem. They invest almost all their intellectual energy in trying to explain why their opponent is a racist, bigot, homophobe, misogynist, rape apologist, white supremacist, transphobe, nazi, etc. (the ad hominems) in the hopes of eliciting gasps, shock, and outrage from the audience. The strategy is to demonize and shame the opponent and quote-mining was never more useful. So when Smith comes out swinging with his big guns – quoting Sargon’s comment about rape – and Sargon replies with a “so what?” attitude that is backed up by a cheering and laughing audience, Smith’s entire case against Sargon collapses like a house of cards and he is left standing frustrated, confused, and weak. Y’see, the social justice attacks only play with the social justice crowd and those fearful of social justice attacks. Sargon’s crowd is immune.

    Anyway, you can bet this is causing the social justice atheists to seethe with hate. To watch Smith be so easily defeated coupled with the manner in which so many atheists cheered on Sargon has to get deep, deep under their thin skin. And if we know anything about social justice atheists, these are the people who are enslaved to their Id and the Id thirsts for vengeance. But what do they do? What can they do? Double down on their efforts to censor? Attack Sargon and his crew as misogynistic misogynists who are full of misogyiness?

    You mean….more of the same?

    How long before they start convincing themselves they need to punch an “atheism minus” atheist?

  2. Erik: try to find questions that have not been answered or explain why you are not happy with a given answer.

    No knowing what one is talking about has never stopped you, so why should it stop me?

  3. stcordova:
    Linebacker Ray Lewis on Kneeling for the National Anthem.Amen!

    “Two weeks into the trial Lewis’s attorneys, Don Samuel and Ed Garland, negotiated a plea agreement with the District Attorney where the murder charges against Lewis were dismissed in exchange for his testimony against Oakley and Sweeting,and his guilty plea to a misdemeanor charge of obstruction of justice. Lewis admitted he gave a misleading statement to police on the morning after the killings (initially telling them that he was not at the scene). Superior Court Judge Alice D. Bonner sentenced Lewis to 12 months’ probation. One year in prison is the maximum sentence for a first-time offender, and the immediate probation was the judge’s decision. He was also fined $250,000 by the NFL, which was believed to be the highest fine levied against an NFL player for an infraction not involving substance abuse.Under the terms of the sentence, Lewis could not use drugs or alcohol during the duration of the probation.”

  4. stcordova,
    Hey, Sal,
    If you get chance, ask Mike Gene why he has me blocked. I would like to follow up on some posts where Gene claimed there was a coherent atheist movement that was becoming a dangerous political force some time back and I queried the claim. With Trump “in charge” now, I’m struggling to see the danger.

  5. The Wedge Document was drafted in 1998, which means its 20-year anniversary will be next year. Let’s take a look at what the Discovery Institute had hoped to achieve by then:

    Twenty Year Goals

    · To see intelligent design theory as the dominant perspective in science.

    · To see design theory application in specific fields, including molecular biology, biochemistry, paleontology, physics and cosmology in the natural sciences, psychology, ethics, politics, theology and philosophy in the humanities; to see its influence in the fine arts.

    · To see design theory permeate our religious, cultural, moral, and political life.

    Imagine their horror if they could have looked ahead and seen how little they would accomplish in the next 19 years.

    But hey — they still have a year left.

  6. I have a pink banner saying I have ‘1 unread announcement’ – where do I go to read it? Clicking on the thing doesn’t work.

  7. I’ll put this here, too.

    Apologies if people are having trouble locating the Private Messaging system. The pink banner is not a link, just a flag to say you have an unread message or announcement. You access your messages by clicking the “Messages” link in the Menu bar, the black bar underlining the Header (the fighting penguins photo) at the top of any page or post. See below.

  8. I’ll just also point out the “Ignore Commenter” button doesn’t work in this thread. As this thread is intended for “gloves-off” comments, I guess it shouldn’t be needed.

  9. The new ignore button now means I’m forced to see Mung’s Dung and Phoodoo’s Doodoo.


    The new ignore button now means I’m forced to see Keiths’ Krap, Mung’s Dung, and Phoodoo’s Doodoo. 🙂

  10. stcordova,

    Dammit, just now I saw the date and time you posted this; why the hell do I have to read this?? And I saw your emoji!

    Why can’t I have a site where I don’t have to see the date of times of things???

    And only drowsy emojis!

  11. Hey Alan,

    Is there a way we can enable the ignore feature for Noyau? Phoodoo’s doodoo is leaking through the plugin, and it’s going to wreak.

    Thanks in advance.

  12. stcordova,
    I see Mike Gene responded:
    Michael says:
    October 14, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    Alan Fox and I have gotten along better as the years have gone by. Alan was blocked from telic thoughts. He claims he’s blocked on your blog. Is that true?

    Yeah, that happened over 5 years ago. I finally got tired of having to constantly correct his misrepresentations.

    Here is Alan’s message to you (through me):

    Same old Alan. Five years later, he tries to paint me as someone who argued the New Atheist movement was “dangerous.” I never made that argument and that was never a true concern. I think any long term reader of this blog knows this. The dispute that we had back then was over the mere existence of an atheist movement. Fox denied its existence. Here’s just one of the examples of that on-going “debate” (see comments):

    Sounds like a no, then.

  13. stcordova,

    Wreak is for havoc, otherwise it’s reek! 🙂

    The place intended for general chit-chat is “Sandbox” and that has “ignore commenter” enabled. Seems illogical to have that facility in a thread intended for flaming.

  14. snowflakes.product(snowflakes).forEach(
    (trigglypuff_1, trigglypuff_2) -> trigglypuff_1.ignore(trigglypuff_2)

  15. Alan Fox,

    Wreak is for havoc, otherwise it’s reek! 🙂

    Hey I learned something! I actually didn’t know that.

    Thanks Alan!

    Sorry about Mike saying no. I tried.

    Wreak is for havoc, otherwise it’s reek! 🙂

    Then, Phoodoo’s is reeking. 🙂

    Keiths’ Krap, Mung’s Dung, and Phoodoo’s Doodoo.

    Wasn’t that cleaver of me? I was a poet and didn’t know it. 😉

  16. PopoHummel,

    (trigglypuff_1, trigglypuff_2) -> trigglypuff_1.ignore(trigglypuff_2)

    For those unfamiliar, this is TrigglyPuff the radical feminist SJW:

  17. Can we block Salvador from this thread? Or give him his own personal Noyau where only he can post? Is brilliant idiot an oxymoron?

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