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Sometimes very active discussions about peripheral issues overwhelm a thread, so this is a permanent home for those conversations.

This is also a continuation of previous Sandbox threads (1) and (2) that have fallen victim to the dreaded page bug.

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  1. Mung:
    Obama and the democrats should have concentrated on the affordable political process plan. lol.

    They tried, Supreme Court decided otherwise.

  2. Allan Miller,
    A friend was given a telescope (GOTO mount, programmable) as a birthday present from her husband and I several times tried to help her with it setting up and never succeeding. After twelve years she got divorced and gave the scope to me as it was unwanted baggage. Again futile efforts at set up until another acquaintance (an amateur astronomer) happened to notice it and asked why I had the laser finder scope fitted backwards! (In my defence, the mounting bracket had been fitted backwards initially by someone else.)

    Talk about the road to Damascus!

    So I managed to align the scope and was rewarded with seeing the rings around Saturn. I emailed my friend telling of my success at seeing Saturn and she emailed back “That’s great Alan. Next time I visit you’ll have to show me Uranus!”

  3. Mung,

    Is it theoretically possible to write a program that, given a list of Zoners and their responses to a multiple-choice question about keiths, i.e.,

    (Zoner_1, response_1), (Zoner_2, response_2), \dotsc, (Zoner_k, response_k),

    proves on the basis of the given data alone (deduces) that some Zoner is more likely to respond one way than another when asked the question? Explain.

    Feel free to write an OP to answer the question. Do not feel free to write an OP telling me to clarify the question.

  4. i submitted a thread/post for review by the moderators for possible publication. As usual i’m dumb about procedure and so make this note here. RB Thanks

  5. Overlooked closing comments on this thread. There is a new thread, Sandbox 4, available. Closing comments now.

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