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Sometimes very active discussions about peripheral issues overwhelm a thread, so this is a permanent home for those conversations.

I’ve opened a new “Sandbox” thread as a post as the new “ignore commenter” plug-in only works on threads started as posts.

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  1. Even weirder: when you quoted me, the emphasis showed up correctly in Firefox, despite using <b> tags, whereas your Test lacked emphasis.
    So, in Firefox, <b> can work inside a blockquote, but not outside of one.


    blockquote Bolded

    end of comment. Screenshot follows:

  2. bold
    bold italics
    strong italics

    bold italics
    strong italics

    yeah, it’s just unquoted bold that’s weird (in Firefox)

  3. Neil Rickert,

    Yes. As my brother, the html pedant, is fond of saying “it’s a mark-up language, not a word-processing tool!”; hence bold, italics, and other formatting tags are deprecated.

  4. Mung:
    Did you insult anyone? If not, please redo it and resubmit.

    I could try to insult you…but I have no reason to do that… Your attempts to try to maintain your ” high or the zone thing” that doesn’t really work…You can only go down…

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