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Sometimes very active discussions about peripheral issues overwhelm a thread, so this is a permanent home for those conversations.

I’ve opened a new “Sandbox” thread as a post as the new “ignore commenter” plug-in only works on threads started as posts.

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  1. J-Mac: Hey Sal,

    Great job on Basener/Sanford follow up !
    I was just reviewing my stuff on QM and consciousness and came across this video. Have you seen it?

    HEY THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I put your link in my public diary of cool things:

    I noticed on of their instruments said “Thor Labs”. I did business with them for a related experiments with laser interferometery.

    The video talked about tensors. Yikes, I’m so rusty on the math. Although none of the QM I used was framed in terms of tensors.

    I’ve have it on my “to do if I get around to it” to look at the Global Consciousness Project analysis by Peter Morris regarding the speed of light. Thanks for sparking my re-interest in these things.

    FYI: Peter Morris analysis of Global Consciousness project. It’s boring unless you’re into relativity, but it connects quantum mechanics and relativity. Since I mentioned it, here it is, but I barely understood a fraction of the paper. I’m planning to write Peter Morris since the experiment I’m running with the Thor Labs equipment is related to another experiment Morris was involved with.

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