Another take on the Conspira-Sea Cruise

Remember the Conspire-Sea Cruise, attended and reported on by TSZ commenter ‘Colin’, aka ‘Learned Hand’?

Popular Mechanics sent a reporter, Bronwen Dickey, on the same cruise, and here is her dispatch:


I Went on a Weeklong Cruise For Conspiracy Theorists. It Ended Poorly.

What do you get when you stick some of the conspiracy world’s biggest celebrities and their die-hard fans on a cruise ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean for a week? Some fascinating insight into our strange times. And one near fistfight.

11 thoughts on “Another take on the Conspira-Sea Cruise

  1. Oops — Bronwen Dickey is a woman, not a man.

    Apologies to her for the mistaken pronoun in my OP. Mods, could one of you correct it, along with this?

  2. “You’re taking photos so that you can label us conspiracy theorists!”

    Ha ha, you can’t fool the people who run a Conspira-Sea Cruise. They know that you think they’re conspiracy theorists.

    But what evidence do you have for that?

    Glen Davidson

  3. Dip your toe into Reddit or Disqus and you will be bombarded with proof that Bigfoot lives in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest and that our government is run by giant lizards posing as politicians.

    Heck, right here at TSZ we get ‘proofs’ that, in spite of what we’ve been led to believe, nobody actually knows his or her own name.

    They’re just making you think you know that!

  4. “If it weren’t for her,” Len said, “I might not have known that my ex-wife was working with the CIA to undermine me.” (Reached by email, Len’s ex-wife denied these allegations.)

    Always good to know about one’s ex.

    And like the denial doesn’t prove it even more so, as if that was needed.

    But then, he should have suspected, since that’s routinely what the ex does.

    Glen Davidson

  5. That was a really cool article Keith. Thanks!

    This part in particular tickled me:

    But I was not on Plaza Deck. I was locked in my stateroom on Baja Deck, picking at a room-service cheeseburger. Earlier that afternoon, a pair of Conspira-Sea presenters had chased me—chased me—from a conference room. This wasn’t our first confrontation, and now I feared they were tracking me around the ship, waiting to spring out from blind corners and empty doorways.

    Is that the very definition of meta-irony?

  6. Mung,

    I remember keiths sending money. I’ll never forget that.

    Yes, I donated money to Colin for the trip.

    You, meanwhile, give money to the Discovery Institute.


  7. So our lizard overlords managed to dupe a bunch of conspiracists to get on a boat … and they went? And our lizard overlords forgot to sink it? Sometimes I just don’t know what to think any more.

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