What Would Indicate the Supernatural

The term “supernatural” comes up on this and other boards and in similar discussion forums from time to time and I have come to the conclusion that there can be no such thing. Or, at the very least, if there really is something that could be accurately labeled as supernatural, such would have to be completely beyond understanding by anything (like we humans) that is not supernatural.

As an example, I’ve been studying quantum entanglement a bit. Pretty weird phenomenon from the perspective of those of us in a non-quantum, macro dimension. Very difficult to conceptualize how certain particle states could possibly be correlated, but correlated they are. So is this correlation “supernatural”? I certainly would not define it that way and I know of no physicists who would either.

The point is, even if one really believes that something like entanglement – a repeatably verifiable and investigatible phenomenon – has a supernatural basis, what could possibly be understood about that supernatural component? How could it be verified at all and what could investigating it add to any kind of understanding about…oh…anything?

So for those of you who do believe there is something that can be classified as supernatural, I’m just curious as to what supernatural means to you and what type of event or phenomenon would indicate to you that something is supernatural.


152 thoughts on “What Would Indicate the Supernatural

  1. J-Mac:
    I will repeat it for the last time. Listen up, because I really mean it:
    You seem to believe that your claims are either scientific or logical.

    You seem unable to read. I have asked you time and again: what claims are you talking about? I haven’t made any claims. All this time it’s been you who makes unsupported claims. I have just been pointing that out.

    So, when you make scientific claims, make sure you back them up with scientific facts and not speculations of your preferred views.

    Says the guy who advices to learn about quantum whatever by googling it, because you like it; but to take any other views to the psychiatrist, because you don’t like those other views.

    The view of your logic, or as you see it, I couldn’t careless about…

    I would not be surprised about this. You don’t care about your own advice.

    So, we’re back to evidence, experimental… Another of your stupid, unfounded comments, I will not even read… I don’t read most of your comments anyways… You, dazz, OMgun and Glickdarkenson, are commets of no value to this blog or anybody here…

    Nah. I’m just talking about your double standards, and your inability to follow your own advice.

    ETA: when you say to me ‘you are mistaken’ and there is no justification after this statement, that’s when I stop reading your comment, as I should.

    Problem being that you stop right after that, rather than continue and read the explanation for comprehension. Yet, you then pretend to answer something you didn’t read and thus ridicule yourself. Then you continue and continue making assumptions about what I say and think, only to continue showing that you have no clue. If you’re going to respond, I’d advice you to actually read what I wrote. Otherwise just shut up.

    Why should I waste my time on religious fanatics? I had to deal with tons of them when I was Catholic…

    Being one such fanatic yourself, it’d be enough if you dealt with yourself.

    I don’t need Darwinian loonies to try to convince me why their faith seems better to them than another unfounded faith…

    That’s all right. I don’t need Darwinian loonies telling me anything either. Your problem is that you fail to see how good an example of a mindless fanatic you make.

  2. Entropy: I haven’t made any claims. All this time it’s been you who makes unsupported claims. I have just been pointing that out.

    So you’ve made no claims that he has been making unsupported claims. I guess he can just ignore them then, those claims that you haven’t been making.

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