What Are You (or Have You) Been Reading This Summer?

A couple of comments on another thread got me wondering about this.  In my own case, I’m re-reading Middlemarch (for a discussion at the Boston Athenaeum in September) and continuing my reading on the Russian Revolution. I’ve finished the The Great Russian Revolution, by V. Chernov, and am now into Agrarian Foes of Bolshevism, by O. Radkey.  Also finishing up D. Hausman’s Rationality, Self-Interest, and Welfare.

How about you?


56 thoughts on “What Are You (or Have You) Been Reading This Summer?

  1. Reading books and text isn’t the only thing worth reading. There is also music!

    I was just reading the notes and trying to play this prelude which is more beautiful than any novel I have read. Perfect summer reading.

    Hearing music like this, hard for me to remain a materialist. Something transcends mere collisions of atoms in the air…


  2. Most of my summer reading has been technical papers for work, but I’m also finding time for Lamb by Christopher Moore, in which Jesus’s best friend Biff is resurrected after 2000 years so that he can write a fifth gospel about the Messiah’s undocumented childhood years.

    Appropriate, given recent threads here. Funnier than the other gospels, and about as believable.


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