Powerful Evidence of Natural Selection on Society

As a card carrying Creationist, the video link below is one of the best arguments for the influence of natural selection on society as argued by Professor Walter Block. It also echoes arguments by Jerry Coyne vs. PZ Myers:

In my earlier post I pointed out the pervasive biological evidence that in both humans and other species, the conditions for sexual selection hold—a greater variance in male than in female reproductive output—probably explaining why men are bigger and stronger than women, and have beards and other secondary sexual differences. It also explains why male peacocks have showy tails, why male sage grouse do “jumping displays” to attract females, why male insects have weapons and ornaments, and so on. (See my bullet-point list of biological facts in that post.) Further, though Bateman’s experiments were flawed, they have been repeated properly in other species and have shown that, yes, males in general have the potential to have many more offspring than females: a higher variance in offspring number). — Jerry Coyne

It explains why matriarchal societies are unlikely, the 4-sigma smartest people will be men, the number of mentally ill and homeless are men, and why heads of countries and corporations will tend to be men and societies that are not patriarchal will not compete as well as societies that are.


It’s also April 1 today.

Prof. Walter Block is a professor of economics. He currently holds the Harold E. Wirth Chair in Economics at the J. A. Butt School of Business at Loyola University New Orleans. He is a senior fellow of the Ludwig von Mises Institute in Auburn, Alabama.

3 thoughts on “Powerful Evidence of Natural Selection on Society

  1. this is not biblical.
    I say men have more hair a a result of probability in nature. i mean nature teaches hair is needed to keep bodies dry and so not get cold from the wet. Only secondary to keep warm.
    So men simply got more hair because we were more in the wet. the women were in the homes more back in the day. then the bodies just stay in the gear.
    likewise this is reflected in the hair we get at puberity. We get hair in areas that are sweaty/alas deorderant needed and so the body, back in the day, grew hair to dry the area up. then it stays in gear. It never did it competently but shows the triggering mechanism that,. I say, is a real origin for changing body plans.

    there never has been selection working between males and females as i see it.
    As more intelligence/status in society.
    the man was created by God for accomplishment and the woman/wife to help .
    The fall messed things up.
    All humans, are made in gods image and so its impossible for a difference in souls.
    so impossible for intellectual/moral differences between sex, race, ethnicity, persons based on innate triggers.
    SO its all about motivation.
    men historically have been more motivated and so prevail in all ways. Today women are motivated like men EXCEPT on a curve due to gods plan.
    so there is no problem for any human do prevail but i do see men always prevailing over women due to a mANLY motivation relative to other factors of society.
    Its really just motivated people will prevail , on a curve, over less motivated people.
    Yet its unrelated to anything innate or based on natural selection.

  2. Byers:

    …i do see men always prevailing over women due to a mANLY motivation relative to other factors of society.

    Something tells me that Robert doesn’t have a history of prevailing over women.

  3. keiths:

    Something tells me that Robert doesn’t have a history of prevailing over women.

    He gets what he pays for.

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