Look Out, Professor X–Telepathy is Here!

People Talk ‘Brain-To-Brain’ For First Time Ever

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How Brains Can Communicate Without Verbal Words

This article seems pretty ridiculous to me, BWTHDIK?


9 thoughts on “Look Out, Professor X–Telepathy is Here!

  1. I like the choice of subversive words for transmission!

    “Hola” is almost the Catalonian battle-cry for independence from Spain. Catalans are watching the Scottish vote closely.

  2. Under the attribution to the HuffPo I see three bulleted items, but they are empty.

    Does this mean you have instead transmitted those three items to us telepathically?

  3. How so “ridiculous”.

    Ridiculous that the media would call it telepathy?

    Or ridiculous that this got funded/published?

    Or ridiculous that we still have to use these clunky keyboards instead of learning Morse code and using this more modern technology?

  4. Since all human communication comes from the senses and the senses use the memory as the middleman then all they have to do is get into the memory of another person.Its not thoughts to thoughts. Any more then talking to one another.
    However the reading of the electricalisn things is strange to me.
    What is being read actually?
    We must remember our thoughts can only communicate with others by these middlemen of senses. So it is brain to brain.
    It is mechanical. Not immaterial. So i guess one could mimic it with other ways.


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