He’s baaack

Granville Sewell has posted another Second Law screed over at ENV. The guy just won’t quit. He scratches and scratches, but the itch never goes away.

The article is mostly a rehash of Sewell’s confused fulminations against the compensation argument, with an added dash of tornados running backwards.

Then there’s this gem:

But while Behe and his critics are engaged in a lively debate as to whether or not the Darwinian scheme for violating the second law has ever been observed to result in any non-trivial increase in genetic information…

Ah, yes. Our scheme for violating the second law. It might have succeeded if it weren’t for that meddling Sewell.

153 thoughts on “He’s baaack

  1. Sal,

    Actually one of the best description of Entropy as far as pragmatism is the QUALITY of kinetic energy…

    …the same gas in a liter volume can do more work because it is at higher pressure…

    Entropy then is an index to the quality of the kinetic energy.

    No, because the mixing case is a counterexample.

    Consider my example where chamber A contains helium and chamber B contains neon, both at the same temperature and pressure. The entropy increases when the gases are allowed to mix, but the capacity to do work is unchanged.

  2. I ran across another counterexample at Physics StackExchange, from a commenter called “Rococo”:

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