Can the future affect the past?

According to Quantum Mechanics future can affect the past.
There are many names for this “QM weirdness”; retro-causality, time flying backwards and so on…

Experiment Shows Future Events Affect The Past

There are just as many interpretations of this supposed weirdness that QM presents scientists with…Some say that we don’t know enough about TIME…Others say there is no such thing as time; at least on quantum level…

Though initially opposed or uncomfortable to with the problems QM presented him with, Einstein, just before he died, made the following statement about TIME itself.

Einstein once wrote, in a letter to comfort the widow of a recently deceased friend, “Now he has departed from this strange world a little ahead of me. That means nothing. People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.”

Why would Einstein write such a letter if the great majority of his lifework were dependent on the existence of time?

But, that is not the motto of my OP,  though I realize that I have raised enough red flags for some to go on for a long time…

A while back, my older son asked me a question:

Why would a loving God destroy everyone but Noah and his family in the global deluge?

I may have answered this question somewhat, but I don’t think it really satisfied him…
A few days back I was researching another theme for my work and came across the QM experiments that indicate that the future can, and does affect the past…And it hit me like bolt of lightning! If our future events affect the past, God can access the future and perform acts of justice based on the future events… Noah’s Flood is no different…

After that my son even found some evidence that the Canaanites were given warnings by God/prophets, hundreds of years in advance to change their behavior or… they were going to be exterminated…

I love quantum mechanics… The more I learn about quantum mechanics, the more I’m in awe about it and whoever purposed it…It does serve an amazing purpose…

BTW: The more I learn about QM and subatomic world, the more I don’t like the ID term for the design movement thingy… I don’t know why…I’d like Purposeful Design much better…

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  1. J-Mac: So, did Einstein contradict himself, or did you?
    So, if time is a part of QM, as you say it is, quantum entanglement must violate relativity bybreaking the speed of light…

    Which one do you choose?

    Why do you think we have to choose when there are open questions in science and philosophy? I don’t do that. I just try to understand the positions, the pros and cons, and any near-consensus views that exist.

    As far as SR and QM: there is no conflict although there are tensions. In particular, there is no way to signal FTL if one only has access to part of the entangled system. This is a well known result with no objections that I am aware of. from those who understand the science .

    For more on the subtle tensions, see Tim Maudlins book on SR and QM. I summarized it in an earlier post:
    Very briefly: no signalling at FTL, no mass/energy transfer at ftl,, yes to causation of the counterfactual variety in entangled systems, yes to shared quantum information in entangled systems.

  2. William J. Murray: In any event, if our will is caused, even by some set, internal nature, then we are as much an automaton as rock rolling down the hill down whatever path its nature dictates.

    What would such a will ( uncaused by internal nature)be guided by in its decisions?

  3. General Relativity seems wrong…at least when quantum mechanics is applied…What’s next?

  4. BruceS: Why do you think we have to choose when there are open questions in science and philosophy? I don’t do that. I just try to understand the positions, the pros and cons, and any near-consensus views that exist.

    I see science as the pursuit of truth and not as the support of preconceived ideas at any cost, such as naturalism has stained the name of true science and now it’s paying the price for it.
    The society is sceptical about everything and is willing to believe anything… That’s why fake news are so popular….

  5. William J. Murray: I don’t see how the video sheds any light on whether or not free will is libertarian in nature. Perhaps you could explain?

    This is just another example of what’s logic to others it is not logic to you…

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