Abortion & Euthanasia: Why I’m All For Both

Simply put, liberals/progressives are the ones who, IMO, are going to utilize these services the most. So, yeah, the fewer babies they get to raise, and the earlier we can stop them from voting, the better. On the conservative side we have the Duggars and highly religious people breeding like crazy and clinging to life for every breath they can take – which puts and keeps more conservatives in the voting pool longer.

So, as a pragmatic political matter, I say let ’em abort their young and kill themselves off to their heart’s content.

114 thoughts on “Abortion & Euthanasia: Why I’m All For Both

  1. When do you think women had more rights in Iraq:

    1. Before Saddam Hussein
    2. During Saddam Hussein’s time.
    3. Immediately following the Iraq war.
    4. Today

  2. walto:
    When I think you’re not there, you are, carefully preserving everything, and when I think you are…..where the hell ARE YOU?

    mods, I think this is a clear attempt at outing.

  3. Neil Rickert,

    Percentage or absolute terms? What time horizon? More sophisticated stuff from our mathematically challenged ID friends.

  4. And here we have the the ‘snow in X therefore no global warming’ defense.

  5. Abortion isw wrong only because it kills a human being made in Gods image and has a eternal soul.
    Why do folks know the detus is not a human being until seconds before birth? Its not good science being used to figure out if a fetus is a kid.

  6. Robert Byers,

    . . . Gods image . . . a eternal soul.
    . . .
    . . . good science . . . .

    When you have some “good science” backing up the existence of a god or a soul, please do let us know.

  7. Sal,
    What punishment do you think should be given to women who have abortions after they are made illegal?

  8. OMagnian,

    In my case, and for my mother, I think all three kids (2 of which were recommended for abortion), would not want mom subject to any recriminations. See our story:


    As far as other women, I don’t have an opinion, that’s between them and God. The better way is to prevention of unwanted pregnancies.

    Abortion and Euthanasia is not like Nazi Germany which was hatred based killing. Euthansia is often mercy killing. Not in the same class. Lots of pet owner euthanize their pets, that’s different than beating puppies simply for enjoying the sense of power.

  9. Sal,
    What punishment do you think should be given to people who slaughter innocents?

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