2018 Year Summary: Who was converted?

Most pro-ID or pro-evolution blogs have summaries of the year usually with the highlights of the most interesting points or OPs …Larry Moran also has one on the most popular post though of 2017…

If I were in charge of a blog like TSZ my summary of 2018 would ask for the details of the actual conversions: i.e. how effective TSZ has been in what it was set up for. It was apparently set up to attract converts from the support or belief of ID to support or believe that sheer dumb luck in the discussions of life origins…

While some kind of survey would be also helpful, this OP could also help to set up such a survey with the actual data and more details…

So, feel free to comment with details about what effect the OPs in 2018 at TSZ have had on your world views in the debate of the origins involving ID vs Evolution (sheer dumb luck).

For example, over the last year, I have been converted from the belief that evolution could still be considered as a scientific hypothesis to total absurdity due to the lack of any experimental evidence supporting it… The total lack of even the proposals how to set up few relatively simple experiments have proven to me that evolutionary theory has nothing to do with science and everything to do with ideology…

What about you? Have you been converted?

104 thoughts on “2018 Year Summary: Who was converted?

  1. Mung: I am opposed to them getting married.

    Typical Christian. Why can’t you just let them be happy?

  2. Allan Miller: Why can’t you just let them be happy?

    I am perfectly willing to let both humans and chimps be happy. Just separately. Separate but equal. They should not be having children together.

  3. Many years ago, I regularly visited TSZ as it gave informed and interesting discussions.
    Then I lost interest in the topic of ID and evolution, and did not look at TSZ for a number of years.
    This year, I read TSZ again (montly or so). I was rather surprised. Instead of finding informed opinion and good discussion, I found run-of-the-mill anti-evolution ranting. This site has fallen in bad hands. The present management should resign.

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