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  1. Richardthughes:

    That’s what it’ll say on your invite.

    What countries do you think best represent TSZ, UD and ATBC, Mung?

    TSZ: Canada, of course
    UD: is Deliverance a country
    ATBC: Monty Python’s England
    Mung: Oz

  2. The First International Conference on Intelligent Design
    University of Nottingham
    Honorary Chairperson: Elizabeth Liddle

    There has long been a debate among Intelligent Design (ID) proponents as to whether ID is peachy, or ID is swell. The purpose of this conference is not to settle the dispute, but to bring forth the strongest arguments for both positions. [Blah-blah, woof-woof.]

  3. Arf. I could do nottingham. We could book the University of Nottingham’s cafeteria and pretend they endorse us.

  4. Richardthughes: We could book the University of Nottingham’s cafeteria and pretend they endorse us.

    It would be cheaper if we simply met in the cafeteria for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. That would leave the rest of the day for cultural activities.

  5. walto: Being evil incarnate, I would consider wearing a hood. Maybe we all should.

    I’d go with an eye patch — maybe two. Robin Hood and the Pirates (1960):

    On his way to (or from) the Crusades, Robin Hood is shipwrecked but saved by pirates who plan to return him home in order to ransom him to his father. The pirates’ ship, however, sinks in a storm. Robin washes ashore (in England?) and learns that his father has been killed by the evil usurper, Brooks. Robin also meets a childhood sweetheart, Karin. The pirates now wash ashore as well. They decide to aid Robin in his efforts to overthrow Brooks.

    YouTube clip. Robin Hood (Lex Baxter) was Tarzan from 1949 to 1953.

    Surely we can get the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster to sponsor the event.

  6. [ETA:

    GlenDavidson: It’ll just be those details of pathetic level.


    Funny thing is, I actually have proved a Conservation of Information theorem that makes much better sense than the one that Dembski, Ewert, and Marks regard as their crowning achievement.

  7. The Pirate and the Penguin is a droll modern take on Mark Twain’s classic children’s tale The Prince and the Pauper. Penguin has had it with the South Pole. He’s bored with the ice, bored with the fish, and bored with the communal escapades of his feathered fraternity. A free spirit, Penguin longs for adventure. Pirate, on the other hand, wants no part in raucous, adventurous ways. Treasure? Conquest? Exploration? Bah. He longs for a simple life, free from the endless travel. When these two misfits meet, they discover the solution to all their problems. Patricia Storms’ gift for characterization and keen eye for detail results in a book that is both a delightful adventure and an appealing parable about finding contentment.”

  8. Rich,

    Arf. I could do nottingham. We could book the University of Nottingham’s cafeteria and pretend they endorse us.

    But then Dembski couldn’t attend. They revoked his cafeteria privileges.

  9. It occurs to me to wonder what the demographic of such a meet up would be. I think there would be a few white guys, not in their first flush of youth. Women? Ethnic minorities?

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