The lifetime of one Brahmā

Scenario A)

I harken to Barry’s call for Materialists Everywhere to Stop Equivocating. All materialists do. Everything changes, we enter a golden age of just, well, superness all round. It carries like that on for the entirety of human history. 

Scenario B)

I don’t. They don’t. It doesn’t.


Then the lifetime of one Brahmā passes….


If we diff the resulting universe* A and universe B from each scenario what will result?

If this is just a battle, what is the war?

*Universe to include all possible realms, planes, modes of existence postulated to exist or not, material, non-material, afterlife, reincarnation or otherwise.

2 thoughts on “The lifetime of one Brahmā

  1. I Call On Theists Everywhere To Stop Claiming Dibs On Linguistic Constructs. Obviously, they can have ‘Sin’, ‘Fall’, that kind of thing. But ‘right’ and ‘wrong’? They can shove off. If these are constructs of human minds (as they must be under most versions of ‘materialism’), then those religions that offer guidance on behaviours codified pre-existing subjective moral senses, reifying the sense with God’s angry or smiley face at the back of it. Now, the cheeky sods are parading this stolen property as if it was theirs all along.

  2. Also ‘the golden rule’, which they spectacularly fail with matters of choosing who to love.


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