Tenth Anniversary for The Skeptical Zone

Who’d have thought it would make it this far?

27th July, 2011, was the date of the very first opening post at The Skeptical Zone. The site was created by Dr Elizabeth Liddle, partly to facilitate extended discussion that got buried at the “Intelligent-Design” promoting site, Uncommon Descent, where Lizzie was an active critic for some time before falling prey to the Barry Arrington ban-hammer. It was also an experiment in attempting to facilitate discussion across widely-differing viewpoints by proposing a code of conduct involving assuming all other participants are commenting in good faith. There have been ups and downs over the years with perhaps the most disappointing aspect that Lizzie herself has ceased to be involved (except she still pays the bills).

So it is something of a miracle that the site is still active albeit well down from its peak around the end of 2015. Anyway, here we still are, some of us. I wonder what the next decade will bring.

8 thoughts on “Tenth Anniversary for The Skeptical Zone

  1. Congratulations to all involved. Another landmark date is in February, 2012. At Uncommon Descent, its owner Barry Arrington announced on February 14 a new policy that people who denied the basic laws of thought, particularly the Law of Non-Contradiction, would be banned there. (He demanded that people state whether the moon could both exist and not exist at the same time, and banned anyone who would not answer or who said anything other than a simple “no”). For example anyone who mentioned that quantum mechanics does allow objects to exist and not exist at the same time was cast into the outer darkness. Including a number of creationists who expressed any unhappiness with this lunatic policy (pun intended).

    The purge was less than tragic (in fact, Barry drawing his six-shooter and ventilating his foot is a complete hoot). There never was anyone who denied the rules of basic logic in the first place anyway, the whole problem was a complete fantasy. Dozens of commenters were banned at UD. Elizabeth Liddle immediately offered to allow people to continue discussions at TSZ, which was very kind of her.

  2. Joe Felsenstein,

    I never knew that about old UD. It must of been a frustration with folks saying logic would not be used in these matters. indeed if Quantum Mechanics says you can be both then indeed its wrong. We need smarter people to get rid of it.
    UD and all sorts of origin blogs/forums have the common problem of immorally and illegal ly, In North America, banning any free speech as long as on topic and not malicious. its absurd to hear noth sides complain about each other. They all do it. Its stupid to hear complaints. )if i may say so )

  3. Richardthughes:
    Kudos to Alan for running out the “misogynists”.

    Thanks but I can’t take credit for that. Nothing stopped you posting that comment, did it?

  4. Alan Fox: Thanks but I can’t take credit for that. Nothing stopped you posting that comment, did it?

    You’ve created so much activity, vibrancy and diversity I just popped by to celebrate your victory lap with you.

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