18 thoughts on “Shades of TSZ vs UD?

  1. Sam Harris started off well. But then Chopra appeared to have an attack of diarrhea, which he sprayed all over everyone (if you’ll excuse that metaphor).

  2. Mung,

    You don’t see the parallels ? The using of science words but not understanding them.

  3. “In the absence of a conscious entity the moon remains a radically ambiguous and ceaselessly flowing quantum soup.” Yeah, that must be how the craters got there, before humans were around (yes, of course he has some idiotic cosmic consciousness or the like prior to humans, but no evidence for that), quantum soup splashing around that hardened when H. sapiens took a look at it.

    Sounds like an educated, yet still profoundly wrong, BA77.

    Glen Davidson

  4. Speaking of craters – has Sal or any other YEC offered an explanation as to why the Moon’s surface is completely cratered while the Earth has only a fraction of the number?

    Presumably when the Moon was getting bombarded the Earth was too. Weather/erosion/etc is insufficient to explain the absence of craters – 6000 years is not nearly enough time. And if YECs are right and people were around at the time they must have been getting hammered.

  5. Long ago I heard a YEC attempting to explain away impact craters on earth by claiming that they were all volcanic in origin, but he didn’t address the astronomical evidence of heavy bombardment.

  6. God just revealed the following to me via Google:

    A Biblically-Based Cratering Theory

    by Dr. Danny R. Faulkner on April 1, 1999

    Originally published in Journal of Creation 13, no 1 (April 1999): 100-104.

    The cratering patterns observed on the moon were formed during two distinct impacting episodes.

    The cratering patterns observed on the moon were formed during two distinct impacting episodes. The abundant small craters on the lunar highland surfaces were caused by meteor impacts around the time of the Fall or perhaps during Creation Week itself. The large impact basins and resultant maria were formed at the time of the Flood by a narrow, intense, swarm of meteoroids travelling on parallel paths. The meteoroids were likely comets or fragments of a large comet. Those which missed the earth or moon left the solar system on a very long-period orbit. This model explains the uniform distribution of craters on the highlands of the moon, the non-uniform distribution of lunar maria, and the near absence of impact features on the lunar maria. A specific pattern of cometary impacts on the earth and moon is predicted by this model providing direction for future research. Apart from the earth and moon, significant impacts would not have occurred on other bodies in the solar system at the time of the Flood. Therefore, evidence of a second episode of large, non-uniform impacts on other bodies in the solar system is not expected to be found.

  7. I am especially impressed that there is a Summary as well as an Abstract. This innovation shows that YEC science is far ahead of mainstream science.

  8. Thanks for the citation hahahha link.

    Dr. Danny also has a probing article that should be right up WJM’s alley.

    Alien Abductions: Freaky or Fiction?

    You can guess where this goes….

    If those who report alien abductions are sincere and truthful in relaying experiences that they firmly believe occurred, then we are left with the conclusion that there is a spiritual component, and that this spirituality is contrary to the Bible.

    This is just one front in a spiritual war to divert people away from the truth of Scripture. We have already seen that the implication of the Bible is that Adam’s race is the only race of sentient, physical creatures in the universe. That is, there are no ETs to fly spaceships to earth.



  9. I bet Chopra knows how the Intelligent Designer infuses information via quantum processes!

  10. Mung,
    You mention that you are sure Lizzie would be proud. Well your equivalent is Barry! How’s that feel? Is Barry proud of you? Are you proud that Barry is proud of you?

    I’d rather have a scientist as my leader then a lawyer. But I suppose, given what the ID project actually is, having a lawyer as your leader is entirely appropriate. If you can’t convince the scientists, go around them in court…

  11. More of Dr. Danny’s logic from his article on alien abduction:

    Conspicuously absent from those reporting alien abductions are those who are truly born again followers of Christ. In fact, many researchers have collected reports of alien abductions abruptly ending when abductees verbally mention the name of Jesus.

    I was also disappointed by the absence of an abstract and a summary. I guess this was just an informal article, not a Scientific Paper.

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