Serving up sour grapes for Thanksgiving

Granville Sewell is at it again.  Today (Thanksgiving Day in the USA), he posted at UD, a video about his disagreement with the scientific establishment.

My reaction is shown in the title of this post.

54 thoughts on “Serving up sour grapes for Thanksgiving

  1. In that thread, Mung makes a plaintive request for help understanding how the sun makes energy and how that energy is received on Earth:

    “So is the sun actually converting mass to energy or is it just that some form of energy is released given the fusion process? I see according to wikipedia some mass is not conserved.

    Merging protons into helium nuclei requires energy, doesn’t it? And overall energy is actually being lost not gained? But really what I am trying to get at is what sort or sorts of energy reach the earth from the sun. Is it all some sort of radiation or other? Are we talking actual energy of some sort or other or potential energy, or both?” 

    Should I bother to answer Mung?

  2. I would suggest no.

    I have a policy of never educating an ID/creationist; I just study their misconceptions and misrepresentations.

    The last time I made an attempt to try to educate an ID/creationist was with Sal Cordova here on this blog. I did it reluctantly to see what would happen, and I regret the attempt.

    Every ID/creationist is looking for a boost to their ego and image within their subculture.  Riding on the backs of a scientist is a great way to do that, because they can then make themselves appear to be an expert by disagreeing with the scientist.  They think that tactic makes them look like an expert themselves; and that is precisely what Sal did.  He has never deviated from that shtick.

    Mung is a feces hurler; just like Joe G. Neither of them has anything intelligent to add to a conversation; and their “sincere” questions are simply done to bait someone in close so that they can sucker-punch them.

    It may sometimes be tempting to want to correct the misconceptions of an ID/creationist; but in the fifty some odd years I have been watching them, I have never encountered one that can be educated.



  3. Should I bother to answer Mung?

    I agree with Mike. It is not worth an answer.

    When in high school, I already knew enough physics to see how foolish are Mung’s comments on this topic. He is making arguments that appeal only to the ignorant.

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