5 thoughts on “Season’s Greetings

  1. Merry Christmas Alan, and a merry Christmas to the rest of my TSZ mates, especially the bah humbug sceptics who don’t believe in Santa. 🙂

  2. What season? Oh Christmas? Well merry Christmas and its only Christmas. .
    I see no difference in the times unless a few, relative, who unnaturally are hurt by the viruses. Not sure of the stas or real stats.
    Its always a great new year for truth in origins where the attrition of truth beats the bad guys and creationism prevails in a historic correction.

  3. Robert Byers,
    Here in Europe, Robert, the celebration of Christmas is a fairly recent overlay on the idea of having too much to eat and drink as an antidote to the dark and cold at around the point when daylight hours begin to lengthen again. What has the word “Yuletide” to do with Jesus?

    Well, live and let live. Chez Fox, we celebrated the Winter Solstice with a quick trip down to the coast, a very brief paddle in the Med (12°C), buying oysters from a producer and some La Clape from l’Hospitalet. My wife prefers her oysters grilled with beurre blanc so that was our treat to celebrate the turn around the dark corner of the year.

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