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Sometimes very active discussions about peripheral issues overwhelm a thread, so this is a permanent home for those conversations.

I’ve opened a new “Sandbox” thread as a post as the new “ignore commenter” plug-in only works on threads started as posts.

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  1. quarrion:

    I need a volunteer who can assist me to embed an image in a comment.

    When you click on upload file, do you get a new window from which to choose a file?

  2. Thoughts and well wishes to those associated with the fire of Notre Dame in France. In the USA, I always associated Notre Dame with IRELAND!

  3. stcordova: Thoughts and well wishes to those associated with the fire of Notre Dame in France.

    One firefighter was injured. Other than that, there was only property damage. Even bees survived.

    And now various billionaires have pledged large sums, its restoration is assured, especially now France’s saviour, Manu Jupiter Macron is on the case. Unkind souls have suggested the fire was very providential for Macron’s career as it caused cancellation of a speech he was due to give on National television and has shifted focus away from those inconvenient pauvres, les gilets jaunes and sundry other dissident groups. Though far be it from me to suggest M Macron had a Henry I moment.

  4. RL has restricted SL activity. Our village fête started Friday and lasts till Tuesday. Friday evening was brochette de sanglier, which I naïvely thought was cubes of meat barbecued on skewers. Not quite.

  5. Alan,

    RL has restricted SL activity.

    What does that mean. In any case that looks like a nice cookout. I think cubes of meat would be nice — kabobs. 🙂

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