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Sometimes very active discussions about peripheral issues overwhelm a thread, so this is a permanent home for those conversations.

I’ve opened a new “Sandbox” thread as a post as the new “ignore commenter” plug-in only works on threads started as posts.

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  1. So I tried to post in a comment an evolutionary tree drawn with monospaced characters. It stripped off all leading blanks.

    How do I do the equivalent of <code> … </code > or <pre> … </pre> ??

  2. afiak it’s just not possible. how many rows of data do you have and how many levels of indentation?

      I use the html ampersand nbsp semicolon syntax. But taht can be a pain to write out.

  3. Paul Manafort!

    Who are Richard Gates, Carter Page and George Papadopoulos?

    Just let me drop the name Robert Mercer here because I’m sure it will crop up.

  4. Neil Rickert:
    How Popper killed Particle Physics

    This is well worth reading.It’s by physicist Sabine Hossenfelder.

    And luckily so, because it was utterly impractical. In practice, scientists can’t falsify theories. That’s because any theory can be amended in hindsight so that it fits new data. Don’t roll your eyes – updating your knowledge in response to new information is scientifically entirely sound procedure.

    So, no, you can’t falsify theories. Never could.

    Gee, I thought there was a scientific consensus.

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