Pesky EleP(T|H)ant

Over at Uncommon Descent KirosFocus repeats the same old bignum arguments as always. He seems to enjoy the ‘needle in a haystack’ metaphor, but I’d like to counter by asking how does he know he’s not searching for a needle in a needle stack?

There is then of course much smugness and back-pating, along with “Notice some chirping crickets?”

Well, let’s see what happens in an environment where crickets aren’t moderated or banned…

58 thoughts on “Pesky EleP(T|H)ant

  1. Alan Fox:
    @ Patrick

    Since Joe F claims to be able to calculate CSI, shouldn’t he get the Mathgrrl grilling?

    With Mathgrrl and a couple of appearances in a pantomime, I think I’ve gotten in touch with my distaff side enough for a while.

  2. Joe Felsenstein: Grill away! However it is in simple mathematical models of population genetics that I claim to be able to compute it.

    It wasn’t a serious challenge, Joe. I’m not sure if you came across the Mathgrrl saga. It was an interesting sociological phenomenon for UD addicts to observe.

    Here for a bit of background.

  3. Alan Fox,

    Yes, I remember the Mathgrrl saga. I could actually have told the UD types how to compute (that kind of) CSI in simple population genetic models.

    However, as those were the very models that can show natural selection putting (that kind of) CSI into the genome, they might not have been interested in exploring the issue there.

  4. petrushka,

    They say is is better to be eaten by tigers than pecked to death by ducks.

    Now you’ve got me wishing myself in peril. Because I would love to be in the surreal situation where I was offered that choice! I’d choose the ducks, of course. I think they’d get bored, and I’d walk.

  5. Joe Felsenstein: Oh, so it’s the mysterious mathiness that is important, not what it actually means.

    For most creationists/ID-proponents, yes, I suppose so. Others may be genuinely incapable of seeing the holes in their arguments.

  6. KF has finally seen this. does he calculate information content of anything? Of course not.

    Another bignum argument wrapped in the ‘Mullings Meander’.

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