Number of Unique Commentators

For The Panda’s Thumb’s After the Bar Closes thread on Uncommon Descent, I created a graph of the number of unique commentators at UD:

Here, for each day from Apr 2005 until Nov 2019, I gave the number of different people who commented at UD at least once during the previous 365 days. The colors indicate the number of contributions such a commentator has made over this period of time.

Obviously, the same can be done for “The Skeptical Zone”:


7 thoughts on “Number of Unique Commentators

  1. Thanks DiEb,

    Interesting how, after the initial flurry reduces, activity here stays fairly constant over the next five six years.

    ETA Oops

  2. My first post at TSZ was July 4, 2012, even though I had commented before, that was my first thread.

  3. There is a Statistics plugin that has been running for a while. I’ve set it to anonymize IP addresses and see no reason not to make it visible here. All members should now see it in their dashboard topics. Seems that visitor numbers have stabilized since the Spring and rallied a bit this Autumn.

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