154 thoughts on “Noah

  1. walto: What I’m saying is that YOU’RE saying is that those religious conservatives you call “cognitivists” are always uttering false statements. And I’m frustrated that you won’t own up to that.

    Oh! I hadn’t realized that’s what you meant! Yes, of course I think that their assertions are false — as well as extremely dangerous!

  2. walto: You’re also saying that when they say stuff like “God actually does exist,” unless they mean something like “Mmmm. Yummy!” their assertions are all always false.

    Some mathematicians (platonists) say that numbers actually exists.

    Other mathematicians (fictionalists, self included) say that numbers don’t actually exist.

    (And then there are intuitionists, and I don’t know what they say about the existence of numbers).

  3. keiths,

    Acknowledged — and I agree that it’s best to fold these conversations together at this point.


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