New Rules at TSZ

Are there any plans to publish the new rules for OP titles and OP contents?

If there are no rules restricting OP titles or OP content, why was my OP closed for comment? What existing rule or rules did my OP title and/or it’s contents violate?

What is the moral difference between outing someone here at TSZ and posting their private messages? I’d like to know the reasoning behind the outing rule and why that same reasoning does not apply in the case of the posting of private correspondence.

If all of this is covered by the existing rules, I would appreciate an explanation. Why was my thread closed?

5 thoughts on “New Rules at TSZ

  1. Mung:
    Lizzies site, Lizzies rules!

    Silly me, thinking this site was any different from UD.

    Do you think UD is Barry’s site, Lizzie’s rules?

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