Challenge to Theists: Morality

I challenge theists to present their moral structure in this thread – what principles their moral system is based on (if any), how they come to understand/decide what they “ought” to do; whether or not they are “obligated” to act morally, and if so, to whom/what is that obligation owed, and why anyone should care or act according to their moral system. Or, if their moral system doesn’t follow any of these conventions, then explain their moral system/views.

52 thoughts on “Challenge to Theists: Morality

  1. “Since good is an innate, fundamental characteristic of god’

    Not really. Be honest. Your good = “what (you think) god wants”.

  2. So: I believe in an omnipotent god who nonetheless lacks the power to change his mind.

    I know what’s on his mind, so I don’t have the power to change mine either.

    Therefore, I am never wrong, QED. Logic wins again!

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