Admin: Everyone In Moderation

I don’t know if anyone will be able to see this.  I posted a similar message on the Sandbox, but it didn’t appear.

If you are a logged in, registered user and click on the little speech bubble on the dashboard bar, you’ll get a list of comments awaiting moderation.  You’ll also see this warning message:

Akismet has detected a problem. Some comments have not yet been checked for spam by Akismet. They have been temporarily held for moderation. Please check your Akismet configuration and contact your web host if problems persist.

This suggests that either Akismet is unreachable, possibly due to the recent storm, or that bit rot has set in and we need to summon Lizzie back somehow.

6 thoughts on “Admin: Everyone In Moderation

  1. When I’m logged in, I see a bar along the top of my browser window that has the WordPress logo, “The Skeptical Zone”, a speech bubble icon, “+ New”, “Edit Post”, and “Howdy, Patrick”.  Do you see something similar?

    I’m using Safari, if that makes a difference.  I can try with Chrome and Firefox if you like.

  2. Lamont,

    Several people have replied to your post, but their comments will not appear unless you approve them.

    To do that, go to your thread and click on ‘Approve’ beneath each comment. 

  3. Ah. I see the WordPress logo, then “The Skeptical Zone” on the far left. On the far right, I see “Howdy, Flint” and the icon I’ve been assigned. That’s all.

  4. Interesting! I tried a test post and commented on it but couldn’t release myself from moderation. Seems we have to co-operate and release each other.

    @ Flint

    I guess you haven’t registered. If you do, you acquire “author” priviledges by default, allowing you to start and moderate your own threads, bringing with it the little bells and whistles Patrick mentions. 

    @ Patrick

    Moderated! Patrick, would it be any trouble to un-moderate the comments in your thread? It might only be a one-time thing as I see Keiths and others seem to be getting their comments through. Perhaps It might work as a temporary fix for any commenter. Post in a thread authored by someone else and have the comment approved.

    Where’s Lizzie!

  5. Update

    Seems I can un-moderate myself in my own thread after all but that does not alter the fact comments in other threads stay in moderation.

    Where’s Lizzie! 

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