About the penguins…

I don’t know why, but I’ve always had an affinity for penguins, and a chinstrap has been my avatar for a while at Talk Rational.  I tend to parse the chinstrap as a smile!

Anyway, when I was googling for images for this blog, I came across these beautiful argumentative chinstraps, photographed by Arthur Morris.  Check out his blog, Birds as Art  – he has some awesome photos.  It’s in the blogroll.

38 thoughts on “About the penguins…

  1. I’m still playing with the Word Press buttons, so fasten your safety belts!

    There are some cool plug ins I’m starting to explore. Search should now work better, and there is a post preview button.

    If anyone would like to author an OP let me know, because I’m really hoping this won’t stay solely my personal blog for long.

  2. I’m willing to give others the opportunity to subject the theistic worldview to the same grilling that I’ve given the atheistic worldview. That should make an interesting OP!

  3. Cool!

    If you register on the site, I’ll give you author rights and you can write an OP.

  4. hmm. well, I’m such a novice. You aren’t showing up as a user here. I’ll try and find out what that means.

    But, hey, I managed to get a penguin favicon up! I can’t believe I managed it! (if you can’t see it, clear your cache).

  5. I’m partial to penguins, probably because I was born and raised down under. And then linux adopted the penguin.

    You suggested that Chris Doyle register at the site. It isn’t clear what that means. There is no register or login button that I can see. You might mean to register at the wordpress site, though I think not. It looks to me as if you are running an independent site that is using the wordpress software.

  6. Hmm, your favicon is not yet appearing on my mac (with Safari or Chrome)… but my partner is mad about penguins so that’s always a good start!

    I checked out this link:


    which seems to indicate that you can add users by entering their e-mail address (which presumably you now have)? Other than that, I’m afraid I’m even more of a novice than you with WordPress!

  7. PS. I’m not seeing the WordPress dashboard at the top of this website… it might be to do with that.

  8. I’ve figured it out!

    This is a steep learning curve for me. Even when I was an admin at Talk Rational, I avoided the Admin Panel like it had cooties.

  9. Okay, I got an email and I’m in. The only problem is, I cannot associate this User profile with my existing user profile… however, I now have a registration link for this site, Lizzie, so can you delete the “new” Chris Doyle user you created please and I’ll try again? Or somehow enter my WordPress username which is “CLouD5776”?

  10. Oh, and yes, Neil, I am. I’m just using wordpress software, not the site.


  11. Excellent, that worked a treat, thanks Lizzie! One last thing if I may, would you mind sending me a quick e-mail with directions as to how you would like me to proceed with my OP?

  12. I’ve now made it so you have to be registered to comment. Hope that doesn’t put too many people off, but I think it makes things easier from my end.

    If not, I’ll change it back 🙂

    Still finding my way around here.

  13. That seems reasonable to me. And if this works as other wordpress blogs, then once you sign in (and select “keep me signed in”), you stay signed in for two weeks.

  14. Just installed a wysywig editor for comments, but unfortunately the text box “Comment” is obscuring the buttons on the left.

    Any hints on fixing this would be welcome!

  15. That’s a bit better.  Trying to find out how to make the background opaque though.

  16. Well, I would work on coming up with an OP if I could find somewhere that let me log on… 🙂

  17. What the heck? Testing… Since there is nowhere to log on, I should be able to post?:)

  18. Yes. It’s there now. Dunno what happened. I think I needed to clear my cache. Anyway, I posted an OP for you to look at in there too. 🙂

  19. OK, well this wysiwyg editor is a bit of a mess, but it seems to function.

    The only way I’ve managed to move that silly comment box out of the way is to activate the preview plugin!  Which means you don’t need the preview plugin….

    Not much of a fix.  Need to stare at some code or ask for help….

  20. I’m not sure what I did wrong.  The comment I post is here.  I wrote that comment as several paragraphs, with empty lines between them.  When posted, it is all merged together as a single paragraph.I hope I got the link right.  If not, it is supposed to be to my comment in Chris Doyle’s thread.

  21. OK, I might have to delete this wysiwyg plug in.  right now paragraph returnsn don’t seem to work.  Hold on to your hats…..

  22. I’ve installed an edit window plug in. Let me know whether you find it useful/a nuisance.

    It’s set to five minutes.

  23. Elizabeth: But at least I’ve managed a quote facility

    I am rather liking that quote facility and the “(Reply)” that is adjacent to the quote. With either of those, my reply has a link back to the comment to which I am replying. This keeps comments nicely threaded. Yet my comment is added at the end of the comments, which makes it easier for readers to follow what has been added since the last time that they read the thread.

  24. Greetings from the North. it’s strange being an amorphous minimalist representation of a head.

    or is it a pair of nutcrackers? I am never too sure.

    Do IDers have much to say about physics? Creationists seem to be avoiding it lately.

  25. Off on holiday tomorrow!
    Will drop by, but if anyone else wants to post an OP, feel free 🙂



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