Welcome to my UD friends….

I’m banned from UD as of today, so if you’d need a response to any of your UD posts, do feel free to repeat them here 🙂

And apologies to those I’ve ignored here. I only seem to be able to obsess about one site at a time, so back to obsessing about this one.

Lots of things to write about, I think, including a Mind & Brain thread that I’ve been mulling over for some time.

But for now, welcome to the banned and the unbanned from UD!

62 thoughts on “Welcome to my UD friends….

  1. That’s not right- our special place in the universe could have been pre-programmed.

    And it isn’t ID’s fault that living organisms cannot be explained by physics (and chemistry)

  2. Lizzie, I have been amazed for years at your forbearance in the face of provocation. Though I’m slowed a dab now and have to ration my obsessions, I hope to participate here as the spirit (or cussedness) moves me. And as Joe said, anytime you feel like generating a guest post on the Thumb you’re more than welcome.

  3. Reciprocating Bill,

    Barry A body count at 14 and running:


    prof. FX Gumby (?)
    ben h.

    ~ (ID)

    Elizibeth liddle

  4. William J Murray: [About Barry’s LNC bannings] “I wholeheartedly applaud this new rule.”


    I was wrong about William.

  5. Hi Elizabeth,

    Just a quick note to say thanks for hosting some interesting stuff on your blog, and not vetting me (yet!) for my acceptability vis-à-vis the Rules of Right Reason™.

  6. Joe G:
    OK Neil, what is your position and what is its “sufficiently persuasive evidence”?

    That’s asked in the abstract. I’m not sure what is being asked.

    The discussion was about ID. As I see it, ID has failed to make even the most basic steps toward establishing a fledgling science of intelligent design.

  7. Joe G:
    As I see it ID has made more steps to being science than either darwinism or neo-darwinism.

    Joe, would you like to write an OP presenting that case?

    ETA: if you register I can give you posting rights.

  8. I want to see Joe provide the alogrithm that will allow anyone to determine if something is designed or not.
    the specified complexity forumula that ID claims to have but no one has seen would do nicely.

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