The Stench of Censorship

Why are threads that are garnering little to no interest given “Featured” status?

I have a theory.

When my cat takes a dump, he tries to cover it up.

There have been some rather unpleasant goings on here at TSZ recently, and one way to stifle dissent is to bury it.

Another way is to close off comments. But isn’t the closing off of comments one of the things that TSZ is NOT going to do? Surely the admins here [except Patrick], find the closing off of comments utterly abhorrent and contrary to the ethos of the site.

If no one did anything wrong why try to cover it up? I asked that we pass new rules and move on, not that we try to pretend like it never happened.

Even if my cat manages to cover up the streaming pile of crap, sometimes the stench still lingers.

Please publish the new rules for closing off comments. If there are no such rules and it’s strictly based on the site owner’s whims please just say so.

11 thoughts on “The Stench of Censorship

  1. Richardthughes: And I’m not a fan of closing threads. But at least some comments happened before the closing.

    Gee. Thanks for speaking out now. How many comments ought to be allowed before the closing [censoring]?

  2. llanitedave: The suggestion that you spend all your time whining and crying victim over imaginary slights is also antithetical to the goals of this site.

    You would think, wouldn’t you, that I should not have to bring such comments to the attention of the admins? Perhaps I ought to abandon this wait and see attitude.

    Posts violate the rules. I say nothing. The admins do nothing. I admit my silence is self-serving. The admins are either unwilling or unable to censor such comments.

  3. Mung: Gee. Thanks for speaking out now. How many comments ought to be allowed before the closing [censoring]?

    I’d keep them open indefinitely.

  4. Mung: I nominate this comment for the TSZ hall of fame.

    I second the notion. Mung is the only one who has raised the homophobia issue in the last six months or so. He leans on it like a crutch, bringing it up every third day it seems to show what a mistreated victim he is.

    Must be that “moral compass” thing he’s so proud of, the one nobody else possesses.

  5. I am not in favour of closing comments per se. However, when 90%+ of content over the past few weeks has been about moderation, meta-moderation, and meta-meta-moderation, enough really is enough.

    one way to stifle dissent is to bury it.

    One way to interfere with the operation of a site is to spam it. Not, God forbid, that I would dare suggest that this is what is going on here.

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