Open House Party

Sorry I’ve been away for a while, and especially sorry about the  hack!  From the rapidly repopulating user list, it looks as though most regulars have signed back on, and it’s good to see new faces too.

So this thread is for general chit chat – introduce yourself, make yourself at home, have a beer.

Mine’s one of these:

29 thoughts on “Open House Party

  1. It’s got ginger in it. I’m sticking with it at least until the weather warms up, then I might move to something a little more hoppy or flowery.

  2. A German beer powered cheers to you from Canada!

    You should think of hosting tutorials here and the first should be Logic 101.

  3. It’s too busy here right now. Even with the expanded post list, things get shoved off the front page.

    A forum format would be nice.

    Just complaining about an excess of goodness.

  4. Yeah, sorry, I’ll try to space things out. But yes, I forum format is probably on the horizon, if things stay busy. I’m impressed you guys found the critical mass to keep the home fires burning (that mixed metaphor almost works…)

  5. So, anyone doing anything special this Easter weekend? We were going to go on our boat, but there are still flood warnings, and the weather’s not very enticing.

  6. Visiting family of friends (and the friends. Should be nice if I can get over this cold first. 🙂

  7. Good lord! Do you actually eat those cookies or use them to decorate high end Bed and Breakfasts?

  8. Oh dear; I’m doing a huge dull thing. I’m still cleaning out and rearranging my garage. Spent four days on it so far, and am only about half way done. Got some nice steel wall cabinets to store things in. I have to drill a bunch of mounting holes in concrete. Sore joints in my future.

    However, I’ll probably also spend a couple of days with my music writing software arranging and composing pieces for classical guitar. Being retired is nice. I never got to spend enough time on that when I worked.

  9. Mike,

    Didn’t you comment once about playing guitar for your cats to see what kind of music they liked best?

  10. Nothing much going on here. I am building a shed this weekend for storage but more for the immediate need for brooder space for the new layer chicks and the soon to arrive 150 cornish cross broiler chicks. Once that’s done I’ll be working in the garden putting together a couple of raised beds for our veggie garden. Then there’s the new fruit trees that need to have holes dug for them….and so on and so on!

    sadly the weather here is wonderful and not at all helpful for retaining the dwindling snow pack. The hummers are enjoying the days with lots of courtship flights and fights going on…a wild turkey hen showed up a the feeder today and I heard the first grosbeaks this morning. Mountain quail are calling and staking their territories and the host of grey and Douglas squirrels are pretty frisky when they arrive at the feeder these days. Dogs are soaking up the sun and not doing much outside of watching the squirrels with a great deal of indifference.

    Hope all of you have a great weekend!

  11. Man, that ain’t right! All that work just for a sugar high? I’d at least hold an opening at the local community center just so people can marvel at them.

  12. Cold, windy, which is ok 🙂

    Staying in, learning to write a lexer. brain bent all out of shape. recursion!

    Enjoy eaSTER!

  13. Yup.

    As a kid way back in high school, I played in a square dance band on Saturday evenings. Back in the 1960s and 70s I played in coffee houses and did a lot of folk music.

    But classical guitar was always a goal toward which worked slowly. Once I retired, I had a lot more time to devote to it.

    And indeed I have a couple of cats who are critics. When I am first working on a piece, they are not around much. After I get the piece together and get the dynamics and expression down, one of them in particular is curled up at my feet the whole time I am practicing.

    I never knew cats like music until we got these two. I knew cows liked music. The cats will curl up in front of the speakers of our stereo when classical music is playing.

  14. This weekend? Keepin’ my 93 year old dad company. Cheers, everyone.

  15. Fun with the (now 2/3rds grown-up) kids this weekend. They STILL want an Easter egg hunt. And music – I too am a wannabe musician. Bit o’guitar and percussion so I go to a lot of open mikes roundabout. Playing both Thursday and last night, will be again Sunday, warbling a motley assortment of 70’s/80’s/90’s/00’s pop/rock.

    And running – a keen hill racer; I’m off to do a race shortly. Rerouted by the unseasonal snow; this is normally the first race where spring really starts to show its face, but not much sign yet. Makes for nice photos though.

  16. As I have come to like and admire many commenters here, I thought I’d let you know why I have been neglecting you and our friends at UD. My mother died at the end of January (she had a long and, for the most part, happy life) which entailed trips back to UK and mounds of paperwork. My daughter has been in the Antarctic Ocean as crew on Sam Simon with Sea Shepherd which I found rather worrying (she is now back safe on Jersey with her boyfriend). Then my niece in Canada, who has been battling cancer for three years, enduring operations and chemotherapy while managing to stay cheerful and optimistic, passed away yesterday, leaving her partner and five-year-old son.

    Whether “Intelligent Design” has any legitimacy seems a not very important issue to me at the moment.

  17. For sorry to hear of your loss and those many stresses. Hang in there. We’ll be here when you have time.

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