11 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. When you did this I think you broke the ability to reach comments from the most recent comments list. Clicking one only take the browser to the top of the OP not to the comment clicked on.

    and the function that takes a new comment to that comment. Posting a comment now only takes the browser back to the top of the OP and not even on the most recent page of comments.

  2. I found the nested comments worked OK and I can confirm that the link to comments from the home page is broken.


    I strongly recommend upgrading to the latest version of WordPress and installing an automatic backup such as backup


    Comment linking does indeed work in this thread but not in older threads.

  3. Could do Mung. I’m sure someone here could confirm the evolutionary advantages to bird populations of homosexual behaviour. Young males without partners and sexually frustrated could cause I suppose, disruption within the colony, thus upsetting the nesting population. Better to shag a bloke than cuase still births, don’t you agree?

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