Mounting skepticism….


The spike in files and hits in January was the hack, followed by a drop in traffic, not surprisingly!  Since the fix and the move to the new hosting service, things have been getting steadily busier, with average daily visits for each month steadily increasing (monthly visit totals are the yellow bars).

Lovely to see such vigorous discussion!  Thanks, guys!

4 thoughts on “Mounting skepticism….

  1. I thought there might be a drop off following the new ability of several of us to post directly on UD thus moving some the conversation over there – but apparently I was wrong.

  2. I have been banned or put on moderation at UD four times, not for being rude, but for expressing forbidden opinions. I won’t be going back. I won’t go there even to see what Lizzie is up to.
    I can live with rules of engagement, but not with rules that forbid debate or with moderators who block ideas on a whim.

    Edit to add: I have only used one name at UD and never tried to register a new name to get around banning.

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