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I’ve made a couple of changes as this site is getting so lively….

I’ve made it so that you have to register and log in to comment.  I’ve also set every registered user to “unmoderated” as the default. However, if I find I have to spend an awful lot of time moving someone’s comments to guano, I may temporarily change their status to “moderated” which means their posts won’t show up in the thread until I’ve approved them 😉 If I think they are violations of the game rules I will post them in guano.  So you won’t actually lose any posts, but you may have to wait till they show up.

Editing: the edit plugin is broken and there isn’t a fixed version out yet.  However, there is a workaround: it is only the popup that is broken, so if you right click (for a PC and whatever the equivalent is for Macs) on the edit link, and select “new window “or “new tab”, the edit window there should work.

I hope that makes life a little more comfortable all round.  And thanks to all for being here!  It’s getting to be fun.  Most of the time.


ETA: I’m struggling to get the moderation plug-in to work as it should.  Right now, first-time posters are automatically held in the moderation queue.  I think that is the price we have to pay for being able to moderate certain penguins, at least until they are house-trained.  Probably worth it 🙂

Still experimenting….


23 thoughts on “Commenting and editing

  1. And I just released a lot of posts from the spam trap!

    Apologies for the hold up. I think I’m just about on top of this new set up now.

  2. I know why this site was getting so lively, and you are welcome….

    It should slow down quite a bit now though.

  3. Yep 🙂

    UD slowed down quite a bit recently too, I noticed….

    You and I, Joe, we keep the internets alive 🙂

  4. I just approved one. The new system seems a bit vicious. I hope it learns.

  5. I notice after I submit a post, there is a “click to comment” link at the bottom. Clicking on this grays out the entire screen, and my moveable icon is a hand. There is no edit box. Clicking anywhere on the screen returns me to the prior white screen. At no time is editing possible, anywhere I can find.

    Is this normal?

  6. Oops, I mean a “click to edit” link. I’d have corrected that, if I could figure out how.

  7. Flint:
    Oops, I mean a “click to edit” link. I’d have corrected that, if I could figure out how.

    The same thing happened to me – I seem to recall that Liz is working on a fix for that. At this point, you need to right-click on the *click-to-edit* to open it in a new tab or window. You can edit it there, but you’ll probably have to accept that the comment will be put in moderation for a while upon saving the edits (at least that’s what happened to all my comments that I edited that way).

  8. I use Chrome, and I right click and choose open in a new tab.

    Then it gets interesting. I have to save and close it twice before it saves the changes. I have to manually close the new tab.

  9. I use Chrome also – do your comments get put in moderation when you edit them this way?

  10. I think so, but the way around that is to repeat the save and close a couple of times. I forget the exact sequence, because it doesn’t make any sense.

  11. Longish comments seem to trigger an error with this message:


    You don’t have permission to access /wp/wp-comments-post.php on this server.

    Additionally, a 404 Not Found error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

  12. yeah it does.


    I’m trying to find a comment plug in that allows edits.  I’ll probably deactivate this one!

  13. I think the editing pop-up window is fixed.

    I’ve been trying to find a wysiwig editor that is compatible with the quote comment feature which I think people like. No luck so far – at least the only one I found gives that very small font in the editor, and isn’t very wysiwyg anyway.

    What I really wanted was one that would allow more options like superscripts etc. Will keep looking.

    ETA: testing edit window….

  14. Well, I think editing is now working properly, and the wysiwyg editor also works.
    However, if you quote a comment, the wysiwyg disappears, but at least you are no worse off than without it in the first place.
    And sup and sub tags will work anyway.
    I will probably add some more useful allowed tags, once I get a little braver with the back end.
    I’ll see if I can get quote to work with the wysiwyg, though.  It should.

  15. OK do html tags work if you have the wysiwyg on….

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