Yesterday, I upgraded some plug-ins, and one of them contained an error.  As a result, yesterday member contact details were visible on the members page.  I have temporarily deleted everything on that page, and will restore it to how it was later, now that they have corrected the error.  I have now installed the correct update, and restored the page.

In future I will immediately check all visible pages after an update to prevent this happening again.  Apologies to all for not being quicker off the mark, and thanks to Rich for the tip-off.

5 thoughts on “Apologies

  1. No worries. Thanks for perpetually improving and upgrading the forum – and for hosting us.

  2. I just hope no harm was done.  If anyone gets an upsurge of spam, that might be the reason I guess 🙁

  3. Well, I guess the crawlerbots didn’t have that much time to find them.

    Good to hear, anyway.

  4. [molesworth voice] yah boo sucks! as any fule kno you kannot trust anything you grab frm off the intertubenets

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