Aaaannnnd…we’re back!

Apologies to all for the break in transmission.  We are now with a new hosting service, tsohost, who did a fantastic job getting the site up and running yesterday.  Let’s hope we see better performance from now on.

7 thoughts on “Aaaannnnd…we’re back!

  1. Well, it was a frustrating 24 hours! But it’s all worked out well in the end – I’d wanted to move to a fancier hosting service, but my contract still had another year to run. So I’m glad my hand was forced.

  2. I’ll add my thanks for the hard work.

    Yesterday was frustrating, as posts began to show up in my RSS reader. But I could not get to the site with firefox. I was able to get there with a different browser. It seems firefox was caching too much information about how to get to the site.

  3. Dr Liddle

    Thanks for your persistence. This site is valued by its contributors, I am sure by its readers, and possibly by its lurkers as well.


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