Overt Homophobic Piggery, or Genuinely Clueless Idiocy?

From our favorite Right Wing Authoritarian, Barry Arrington:

6. A man’s body is designed to be complimentary with a woman’s body and vice versa. All of the confusion about whether same-sex relations are licit would be swept away in an instant if everyone acknowledged this obvious truth.

Is it possible to forgive a man in our modern world for saying such bigoted things?  Isn’t Barry just as bad as his white christian forebearers who said that it was obvious that Africans were better off in slavery in America, in the protection of their careful owners? Obvious truth?  Hmm, not like christians have a good record with the concept of truth …   

Of course it IS NOT OBVIOUS that gendered bodies are “designed” to be “complimentary”.  Jayzuz, Barry, talk about assuming your conclusion before you begin your argument.

But given his design delusion, is it possible that Barry could have any genuine question as to “whether same-sex relations are licit”– or is the only possible interpretation of his words that he is pushing his filthy anti-equality propaganda?  Even though he must know better.  After all, if his god Designer did indeed design us, then OBVIOUSLY it designed those of us humans who love/have romantic/sexual attraction to the same gender.  

NB: I am not anywhere on the LBGTQ spectrum (well, no more so than the rest of you), so I’m not mad at Barry because he’s harming me personally.  But, yeah, anti-gay hate is one of my hot-button issues, and I want to know how much to despise him for this particular example.  Do I have to be a better christian than he is, and forgive him for being an arse because there is some relative-innocent interpretation of the nonsense he writes? 

103 thoughts on “Overt Homophobic Piggery, or Genuinely Clueless Idiocy?

  1. BruceS: I have a knock-down argument to show that the same applies to mental causation and brain states, but unfortunately it is too long to fit in the edit box (due to fermatting issues.)


  2. Kantian Naturalist: Unless causation itself is a domain- or level-specific concept.

    But it seems fair to say there is upward causation, eg, quantum events cause DNA mutations which affect evolution.

    Similarly for biochemistry of certain chemicals and the brain causing mental events.

    It’s not quite the same thing, but there is also interlevel interaction with respect to randomness. For example, something treated as stochastic for evolution would not be for astrophysics: comets hitting the earth for example. Again, that would be only upwards.

  3. BruceS: But it seems fair to say there is upward causation, eg, quantum events cause DNA mutations which affect evolution.

    Bizzarely, that comes up with arguments proving the existence of “god” Regulars at Edward Feser’s blog got a bit huffy when I mentioned this. “Everything has a cause” is rather undermined by chaotic stochastic processes such as radioactive decay or mutation triggered by a cosmic ray.

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